Voice is still one of the most convenient communication mediums to date, natural to most people and is great for one-to-one communication. We believe feedback is better said than typed.

  • September 2013Date
  • VoicedHQClient
  • TabshoraAgency
  • UX/UIService Provided

VoiceHQ Logo

Voiced Logo Variations

The Home Page

Voiced Home Page

The Typography

VoicedHQ Primary Typorgraphy Dosis Medium - Font Name: Dosis Medium
- Family: Dosis

VoicedHQ Primary Typorgraphy Montserrat Regular - Font Name: Montserrat Regular
- Family: Montserrat

The Colors

R83 G187 B129
R217 G82 B94
R133 G133 B133
R243 G245 B247