Slimsons Club is a community of Alexandrian Healthy Food Enthusiasts & Weight Loss Evangelists in their journey to promote Healthy Eating Habits.

  • June 2014Date
  • Personal ProjectClient
  • IdentityService Provided

Losing weight has been always a challenge. As a summer project, I’ve created a social club to promote weight loss and healthy eating habits. Club went viral in a week and members started to create private groups all over the social networks to share their challenges and weight loss journey.

Slimsons Club Logo

Logo Design

Slimsons Club Logo Variations

The Typography

Slimson Primary Typorgraphy Pompiere Regular - Font Name: Pompiere Regular
- Family: Pompiere

Slimson Primary Typorgraphy Raleway Light - Font Name: Raleway Light
- Family: Raleway

The Colors

R117 G180 B170
R109 G170 B159
R245 G245 B245
R234 G234 B234