Founded in 2014, HECreek is a small web design & development agency based in Alexandria, Egypt & lead by its founder Hashem Zahran {me}. Over the last few years I've made a good reputation for building websites that look great, responsive and are easy-to-use. And it's time to create my own brand.

  • August 2014Date
  • Personal ProjectClient
  • JekyllService Provided

Since it will be my personal playground, I’ll be testing new technologies on it often and blog about it in here. As a start, I’ll be testing Jekyll implementation as my static site generator.

HECreek Logo

HECreek Logo Variations

The Typography

HECreek Primary Typorgraphy Exo2 Light Italic - Font Name: Exo 2.0 Light Italic
- Family: Exo 2.0

HECreek Primary Typorgraphy Roboto Light - Font Name: Roboto Light
- Family: Roboto

The Colors

Chestnut Rose
R210 G77 B87
R249 G105 B14
R242 G241 B239
Pickled Blackwood
R52 G73 B94